Blog How Customer Testimonials Can Help Your Website And Sales

How Customer Testimonials Can Help Your Website And Sales

People’s ways of shopping have changed a lot, probably due to their busy schedules that they no longer have time to visit the malls or stores to purchase what they want. They find the convenience of buying their needs and wants online. This is when Customer Testimonials will work for an ecommerce website to gain sales.

Customers’ testimonials will help you build the credibility of your website. According to statistics, 70 percent of shoppers in the United States check on online reviews before deciding to make a purchase. The influence of adding Customer Testimonials on how the product is working for them is really strong. It is because your audience won’t be able to touch, feel, or try your goods. They rely on what others have to say about the product. You can only imagine how successful your website can be if you have positive testimonials from trusted customers.

People who are fond of buying online stuffs are also those who have bags of negative experiences, and are very difficult to convince. Good product description and photos will no longer work to attract and convince them to purchase your products. The thing is, they comprise majority of your prospected online purchasers. Letting them go means reduction of your revenue. This can be remedied by adding real testimonies for your products.

Though the use of customer testimonials is effective to gain success in your online store, there are also things that you need to consider. That is making sure everything is believable. There is no such thing as perfect product so make sure that your testimonials include pros and cons. It’s advised that you don’t make these testimonies for your website. It’s understandable that you want to take justice in your own hands, but that can mean failure. You can probably add a couple of your own product reviews and hire someone to do the rest. To make your reviews realistic, add photos, complete names, and addresses of the customers giving the feedback.

Customer Testimonials = Social Trust

Moreover, individuals tend to follow what others are doing. Sometimes, we trust what others are saying more than what our mind is telling us. Adding real Customer Testimonials in your website will definitely attract prospected buyers.

A lot of people spend some time flipping on pages online to check for attractive and believable product reviews. The normal thing that they do is to check on short, but catchy reviews. They can’t just spend the whole day reading them just to purchase a pair of shoes. The point here is, testimonials should be short, legit, and simple.

Make sure also that product reviews that are posted in your website manifest the products that you’re selling. Don’t overdo the product praising because if the customer are not getting what they expect from their purchase, they will no longer come back. What’s more scary is that they can influence other buyers not to buy what you’re selling. It’s true that you have the option to delete or edit product reviews on your website; however, one disappointed customer is still a loss in your business.

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