Blog Web3k partners with CloudFlare

Web3k partners with CloudFlare

Web3k partners with CloudFlare


Web3k are excited to announce its partnership with CloudFlare, a leading Content Delivery Network based performance and security service. CloudFlare is designed to speed up website response times by storing a copy of static website files on servers located around the globe, meaning websites and files are closer to their visitors.

The CloudFlare service also provides an extra security layer, blocking threats and limiting abusive bots before they reach Web3k’s servers, meaning less wasted bandwidth and server resources.

As a certified partner, Web3k customers and their websites can benefit from the CloudFlare service and the basic service is free and easily enabled by Web3k customers through their hosting control panels. Media such as streaming audio or video is not compatible with CloudFlare, unless the website has embedded YouTube or Vimeo videos.

With over 20 data centers and locations where it hosts the cached websites and performs its traffic filtering, Web3k customers can ensure they’re delivering their content to their customers faster than ever before with Clouldflare.

Areas covered by CloudFlare are:

  • U.S: Los Angeles, San Jose, Seattle, Chicago, Dallas, Miami, Atlanta, Washington DC & Newark.
  • Canada: Toronto
  • Europe: London, Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Warsaw, Prague & Vienna
  • Asia: Singapore, Hong Kong, Seoul & Tokyo
  • Oceania: Australia

If you have a website with an international audience, why not try CloudFlare through your hosting control panel today for find out more about CloudFlare.

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