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10 SEO Myths

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a godly term to all online marketers. It’s the main key for their online and website success. However, you need to know how this strategy will work for you for you won’t succeed if you believe on some ideas that are actually not true. Let’s discuss about 10 SEO myths that will definitely affect your page rank.

Website optimisation is not needed to get good results for your website

Optimizing your web page is definitely the most effective way that will give you good results. Investing on SEO on a website is the smartest decision that an owner can make. It’s something that will give long and lasting beneficial effects. Once your website is indexed in the search engine through optimization, you will be shown in every search related to your targeted keywords.

Finding your website by Search Engines is natural. You don’t need to do anything

Due to millions of available websites, you need to make yours known and indexed by search engines. Achieving this needs a lot of effort and knowledge. SEO is a technique that uses your relevant keywords for search engine to identify your website and save it in the directory for visibility.

You can purchase the top rank in SERP and does not need SEO

The fact is, you can never purchase the future of your website. You can pay for your website to appear first on the search tab. However, that won’t last if you won’t continue paying. Indexing your website can be achieved by using helpful keywords or having a backlink from a website with high page rank. This is one of the biggest SEO myths

Interesting contents is all you need to be popular in the search engine

Informative and interesting contents will keep your visitor coming back. It’s also the reason why some websites will share your contents; thus, giving backlinks and drive traffic. However, the time and effort you spend working on your contents will go to waste if no visitors will find your website. Your contents will become beneficial if you’re indexed in the search engine through SEO.

The visibility of your website depends mainly on Meta tags

Meta tags used to work; however, due to spam boots used to share thousands of keywords at the same time, search engine has developed its intelligence to avoid being fooled by this trick. Websites can now be indexed and ranked based on intelligent contents and relevant keywords.

Optimized homepage is enough for search engine to see and index your website

Your homepage is the presentation of your website, but you need to consider that you can’t include all of your relevant contents on one page alone. Your sub-pages contain the information that you want to share. This is where you can use your relevant keywords for website visibility.

Ranking first in search engine guarantees success

Using relevant keywords or keyword phrases plays a major role in the success of your website. Having visible keywords is useless if those won’t direct users to your website. You also need to make sure that you have great and interesting contents that will hook the visitors once they stumbled on your website.

SERPs will give you the top rank

Keyword competition plays a big importance in this case. If you don’t have a lot of competitors, then this will work best for you. You need to work on SEO if your keywords are one of those that have millions of competitors on the net.

Link exchange is not beneficial to your website

This is both false and SEO myths. Link exchanges can be great when done right, however building links at a rapid rate, by buying into link exchanges or buildinglinks is a NO-NO as this is one way to get your site penalised. You just need to be choosy with the partnership. Get partner websites that are reliable and have high page rank.

You can be kicked out by competitors

No one can harm you if you’re doing the legit way of optimizing your website like white hat SEO. You can only be banned by the search engine if you’re doing some illegal ways to increase your PR.

These are the most common SEO myths that some internet marketers acknowledge. As doing business online comes with the toughest competitors, you need to be smart and knowledgeable to get the success that you need.

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