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Switching Web Hosts Easily

Switching Web Hosts is a part of a webmaster’s life. This is due to several reasons like needing features not supported by current host, price differences, intolerable downtime, or simply because of the urge to try how it works with another providers.

Moreover, updating your website is never difficult if you know the steps to do it. When Switching Web Hosts there is no need to hire someone to do the job for you. You can Switching Web Hosts if you need it, but make sure you won’t have interruptions in your website. Just follow these simple steps to get yourself started.

Upload and new account setup

Set expectations with your new web hosting provider that you don’t want your domain acquired without your knowledge. This will give you enough time to prepare the things that you need.

Then, get your IP address and your login information. Make sure to copy and obtain a backup of your contents before uploading everything to your new server. This is for the obvious reason of preparing for problems or issues that you may encounter in the process.

Also, avoid blank page on your web service by uploading everything in HTML files in ASCII while on binary mode. This is the common problem that web owners experience during the transition of service. Change your FTP program through your settings to prevent the problem.

Testing your pages

Ensure that everything’s perfectly running after uploading all contents to your new service. You can do the testing by typing something like:, to your URL.

You also need to replace the new IP address given to you by your new web hosting provider. By clicking on your links to your respective pages, it will route you back to your old server. There’s an exception though; it won’t happen if you’re using similar paths to your current URL like:

Relative URL: contact.htm
Absolute URL:

Run all of the tests you need to make sure everything’s working once your website is running in your new server.

Domain name transfer

Once you’ve confirmed that all contents are up and running, inform your new web hosting service. You will receive a confirmation email and the transfer will be completed within 24 hours. Make sure to maintain the duplicate copy of your website during this period. DNS servers worldwide will be updated with your new host in a span of two weeks.

Check if your new ISP is updated by uploading a somewhat a similar version of any page to your new provider. If you type in you will see lists of similar servers. This means that your ISP’s DNS are updated. It’s really effective to ask your new provider to change your MX record to direct the updated IP address of your website to your new host. Once it’s accomplished, it’s safe to disable your backup site.

Switching Web Hosts

Enjoy the fruit of your labor. You’ve perfectly done everything needed to make your website up and running in your new web hosting provider. Be fair to yourself and make sure to take a day off for a day of hard work and challenges.

Still seems a bit out of your depth?

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