Blog Choosing the right SSL Certificate

Choosing the right SSL Certificate

If you’re running an ecommerce web site or transacting with customers and using their personal information the internet, you really should invest in an SSL Certificate to protect your customers and your business. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer and is the technology used to create secure, encrypted connections between your website and your customers, which are not able to be intercepted by third-parties making it ideal for passing personal information, including credit card information back and forth. Once an SSL Certificate is installed into your website, you will direct customers to use https:// rather than, rather than http:// (the first few words that you see in front of a url in your browser window. You can choose to send customers to your secure pages when transactions of sensitive information are taking place, or use https:// for all of your internal website links making it easier to maintain your site. Your customers will notice a padlock symbol appear in your browser window (either in the status bar at the bottom or address bar at the top, depending on your browser), which denotes your site is secured and gives your customers confidence. Check out our page on Which SSL Certificate is right for me to find out which certificate best suits your needs.

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