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Questions to ask when choosing a web hosting package

For some, choosing the right web hosting package that suits their needs can sometimes be a daunting task. There’s always extra this, more of that and free stuff thrown in to make it all too confusing. We’ll guide you through what to consider when choosing a web hosting package. Start by asking yourself some questions:

How many websites do I need to host?

For many the answer will simply be one, though with some web hosting packages you can host multiple websites if you need to.

What will I be hosting on my website?

What you host on your website will determine how much disk space you need. Most small business websites need no more than 100MB to 500MB, and while that seems small given the size of disk drives in computers these days, a few web pages and image don’t take up all that much room. If you intend on hosting lots or images, pictures or videos, then you’ll need to consider a web hosting package with a larger disk allowance. If you’re like a lot of people who hang on to their emails rather than deleting them, and prefer to leave them on the server so you can access them from anywhere via webmail, you’ll also need to consider a web hosting package with a larger disk allowance.

How popular will my website be?

How popular your website is, combined with the type of content you will be hosting on your website will determine what bandwidth allowance you’ll need. Like your broadband connection at home, Bandwidth is the term given to the data that it uploaded and downloaded from your website, the more people visiting your website or the larger the pictures and videos, the more bandwidth you’ll need.

Will I be selling directly from my website?

If the answer is yes, you’ll need a web hosting package that offers tools that allow you to perform Ecommerce transactions. Web3k use software called Fantastico, which allows customers to install a number of programs and tools, like shopping carts that you can use almost instantly.

Where are my visitors likely to come from?

If you’re an Australian based business and expect most of your website visitors to be in Australia, it makes sense to host your website with an Australian web hosting provider, like Web3k. If your target audience is overseas, you should pick a web hosting package that is located in a country that is close to your customers and will be faster for them to access, greatly improving their experience when visiting your website.

Do I intend on growing the website?

If you want to grow your website, adding new content or images, photos or videos often, you’ll need the piece of mind that you can upgrade your web hosting package without an issue. These questions are just a start, and Web3k are only more than happy to work with customers on their website and web hosting package needs, so feel free to drop us a line anytime!

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